Thursday, July 13, 2006

Redingtion Reel Fly Fishing - About the Redington Anglers

This is website by and for fly fishers, particularly those fly fishing with Redington reels. You can browse around to find product reviews, tips, and great old tall tales about the fish that got away.

About me:

I'm a twentysomething angler who's been brought up in the fishing tradition. When I was a little kid, my dad would take me fishing with him. I remember casting off from peers and jetties, and my first catches - all crabs! My dad still enjoys fishing, but he never got around to learning the sport, the art well.

Which is why I've come to fly fishing. I want to be the top angler in the country. I want the fish I throw back to be bigger than the ones other anglers say "got away." And I happen to think that fly fishing is the summit of our sport. No, it's more than that; I think fly fishing is an art. My paintbrush in that artistic endeavour is the Redington. When I had to cope with my older brother's broken lines and reels as a kid, I promised myself I'd use the best when I was older. So I paint the water with my Redington.


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