Friday, July 14, 2006

Fly Fishing: Catch Fruit Flies for Bait!

People at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln county have developed a fly trap for catching fruit flies. I saw this and thought to myself: "Hey! Why not share this with my angling friends as a trick to catch your own bait?"

Here's what you'll need:
An empty jar (think peanut butter jar),
Beer (right, that'll be hard for an angler to find around the house!)
A plastic bag, and
An elastic band.

1 - Pour beer into the jar until the beer is about one inch deep.
2 - Place one of the bag's corners in the jar, pointing down towards the beer.
3 - Puncture a small hole in the bag, just big enough for a fruit fly to get through.
4 - Secure the bag to the jar with the elastic.

See the photo of what the fruit fly trap looks like.


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