Sunday, July 23, 2006

Redington Reels: Great Reputation, Customer Service

I was browsing around some fishing forums recently, and I was pleased to find that my favourite fishing equipment company (Redington ) has a good reputation. Namely, this is for its terrific price point, and for its helpful customer service (which I've been lucky enough not to need to date).

Here's what I found other anglers are saying:

1) The reels provide a good value for the price. They have features found on higher-scale reels but offer them at a better price.
2) Redington's AL series of rods and reels is rather popular.
3) Simple care keeps reels in good shape.
4) Redington is accomodating when it comes to exchanging reels, getting repairs, etc.

Unfortunately, at least two fellow outdoorsmen have had trouble with the Redington AL 7/8 series. Their problems seem focused on the drag and on the stainless steel components. Well, nobody's perfeeeeect...


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