Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Select Your Fishing Gear Carefully

I found a nice little general tip article by Lee Dobbins, covering fishing gear selection. It's short and digestible, but I have some comments to make.
First, if you're going to get a fly fishing reel, start by looking at the Redington Reels. Second, my experience with graphite in badminton is exactly as Lee describes it: lightweight and sturdy. I'm sure the rods are the same. However, I question if graphite provide the flexibility required in a rod... Anyways, here's Lee's article. Enjoy!

Select Your Fishing Gear Carefully by Lee Dobbins

It’s also important to have a good quality reel for fishing. If you are picking out a fly reel be aware that there are two types of drag systems. This is what provides the tension on the line and prevents the fish from running away with the line. You want to be sure to pick the right reel and drag tension if you are going after those larger fish.

Of course, you also need a great fishing rod and they come in many styles. Depending on the type of fishing you will be doing, you could choose a fly rod, surf casting rod, casting rod or deep sea rod. Using the right rod is imperative for a successful fishing trip. Quality is important too as the low quality rods break and fall apart easily. You don’t want that to happen when you are reeling in the big one!

The best rods today are made of graphite, they are the strongest but still lightweight. When selecting a rod, make sure the cork fits properly and the guides appear to be durable. Also, the guides should be covered with paint or something that will protect it from rust.

If you are planning an early morning fishing trip, it’s best to select your fishing gear the night before and test it out. That way you can run out to the store if you don’t have that perfect lure or your reel isn’t working properly. Make sure everything is working and you have enough line wound on your reel. Don’t forget to pack enough hooks, sinkers and other accessories.

Make sure the equipment you select is geared for the type of fishing you will be doing. The rods, reels and lures you will use differ depending on if you are in a fast moving stream or fishing from a canoe on a quite lake. Of course, the species of fish you are after makes a big difference in your choice of equipment as well.

So next time you plan a fishing trip, make sure you plan ahead and find out what the fish are eating at this time of year and what the water is like. Select your gear accordingly and you’ll be landing that prize catch in no time!

Lee Dobbins writes for Fishing Around where you can find out more about all types of fishing and how to make the best of your next fishing trip.


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